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‘Some wise words from a pro’ – we love the SHOWREEL 2021 by transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER, here for you on GoSee NEWS


MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER Some wise word from a pro. SHOWREEL

Some wise word from a pro. SHOWREEL

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We are delighted to present you the extremely entertaining REEL by transportation specialist MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER, which once again demonstrates that we should let action, or in this case artwork, speak for itself. As the saying goes : Talk the talk, walk the walk, shoot the shoot.

We would also like to give you a little helpful information about Marcus Philipp Sauer’s career. Born in 1972, he didn’t get a camera when he was six and didn’t become a genius just like that. He was smart and took a slight detour : He went to a couple of schools until he got bored. After a three-year apprenticeship as a photographer, he took time off and went to Australia for a longer period and enjoyed life, women, the beach, and… then he ran out of money and unfortunately had to leave paradise – as he still sees it to this day – much too early.

He then returned to Germany to become an assistant and earn some money. He assisted for exactly six months, … “then I was sick of the narcissistic photographers.” In 2001, Marcus took a credit from the bank and did a range of free and beautiful car tests, built up his portfolio, found an agent, and the first small jobs came in.

The jobs slowly kept getting bigger and bigger, and Marcus built his own paradise with his work. He lives in the here and now and just loves it … If you want to see jobs, news, campaigns then go to his website or follow him on GoSee :  marcussauer.com/NEWSgosee.news/marcusphilippsauer//news