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POST ‘More to Explore’ – CHUPA CHUPS XXL campaign by the award-winning CGI studio ILLUSION c/o JSR AGENCY for Serviceplan Hamburg

02.08.2022 • ‘More to Explore’ – the latest print and OOH campaign for CHUPA CHUPS XXL visually transforms the joy you get from a longer lasting lollipop into an exploration into the endless universe of taste. It was conceived by the Serviceplan Group and realized in rich detail by ILLUSION CGI STUDIO c/o JSR AGENCY. Stunning details combined with the vibrant colors of the four Chupa Chups flavors – Cola, Apple, Strawberry and Tutti Frutti – open the door to imaginative new worlds just waiting to be discovered.

Post Rattanas, Overseas Producer Director from ILLUSION : “We love crafting details that consumers don’t usually see. Especially in the case of Chupa Chups, it is rare that people look at the product very closely. We also love Serviceplan’s idea of depicting Chupa Chups floating like planets in space, in their own galaxy, which allowed us to use lighting and color to enhance all the details of the lollipop’s surface and translucence.”

Serviceplan Group’s Global Head of Art, Michael Wilk: “For a project like this, you need a partner who is a creative visionary but also technically capable...

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POST ‘The Desire for Performance Luxury : An emotional statement from every perspective’ – The all-electric Vision AMG show car, with retouch by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION

20.07.2022 • The Vision AMG show car gives us an exclusive peek at what the all-electric future of Mercedes-AMG will bring. Amos Fricke staged the vehicle with meticulous detail and visionary flair. GoSee Member STEFAN EISELE took care of post production. Creative Director was Damon Aval from antoni, and art buying was in the hands of Aras Sehatkar. Set design: Leonardo Papini.

The Vision AMG makes an emotional statement from every perspective. This extraordinary show car from Mercedes-AMG offers a glimpse of the all-electric future of AMG Driving Performance. Beneath the breath-taking exterior design of the four-door coupé is the equally extraordinary dedicated AMG.EA platform, which is currently under development in Affalterbach for all-electric performance models.

“The Vision AMG shows in spectacular style what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG, while staying true to the brand aesthetic. The study’s extreme proportions create fascination and passion for performance – that’s what AMG is all about. The Vision AMG is an impressive embodiment of the brand’s dual polarity – the...

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POST MERCEDES-MAYBACH Haute Voiture combines luxury automotive design with haute couture – retouch by STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION for Antoni

08.07.2022 • As an Icon of Excellence, the MERCEDES-MAYBACH Haute Voiture is celebrating the car of the future. Photographer Amos Fricke and set designer Leonardo Papini staged the concept car for Antoni with modern flair (CD: Damon Aval, AB: Aras Sehatkar). Post of the eye-catching motifs was in the hands of STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION.

Inspired by haute couture, the MERCEDES-MAYBACH concept combines the signature aesthetics and craftsmanship of the brand with unusual, fashion-inspired color and material combinations – such as bold nautical blue contrasting with a light, shimmering rose and elegant crystal white.

“There has never before been a color and equipment concept quite like that of the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture. Blending the pinnacle of the art high fashion and automotive design to create an entirely new vehicle – a true Icon of Excellence,” says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG. “The Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture concept embodies our style of sensual purity in a new and extraordinary way. In a combination of beauty and unexpected, extraordinary...

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POST SILVER GRAPES in charge of post production for an AMG ONE shoot by Steffen Jahn

05.07.2022 • SILVER GRAPES present us their work for transportation photographer and GoSee Member STEFFEN JAHN, who staged the AMG ONE with a futuristic look & feel. “There were no specific requirements for the look and composite images, so we had complete creative freedom,” says the post production company from Berlin. “And big thanks to Tom Stein from 617digital for hooking us up.”

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