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Production • 7 Seas Productions teams up with fashion photographer Andreas Ortner to realize an opulent editorial with sustainable fashion for GLAMOUR UK between white mountains of salt in the South of France

01.10.2019 • Fashion photographer ANDREAS ORTNER presents us the colors of the Fall season - and it’s loud and colorful. He realized the impulsive editorial with Creative Director Dennis Lye for GLAMOUR UK. 7 SEAS found the perfect backdrop to stage the model between mountains of salt and a flamingo pink lake in the South of France.

“The South of France is experiencing a renaissance as a popular location for photo & film productions. Beyond the obvious veneer of style and affluence it typically conveys are a few unexpected location gems, such as the salt marshes of Aigues-Mortes, a medieval city just near Montpellier. 7 Seas recently took Glamour UK there for a powerful editorial shoot with a positive message featuring only sustainable fashion. These images are a celebration of both fashion and nature, showing us the possibilities that fashion can offer when striving for change. The white salt mountains with their flamingo pink lake served as the perfect backdrop for this Earth-loving production. Thanks to all involved for an unforgettable shoot!”

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Production • Marion Walter produces for BRUNO BANANI in Tulum, with Hattric in Majorca, above the rooftops of Berlin for Calamar X Cosby F/W 2019, ... and looks forward to seeing you at the KRISTINA KORB/MARION WALTER/GOSEE CHARITY BAR at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

30.09.2019 • MARION WALTER realized the latest BRUNO BANANI campaign for Gerlachhartog. She produced an image spot for CALAMAR F/S 2019 with Director Jeremy Blackwood from Casco Films – in parallel to the image shoot with photographer SVEN JACOBSEN. “Moreover, we realized productions for the agency Upgrade and its client WILVORST from our Spain office. In June, we produced for the agency Kirchner Kommunikation and the client HATTRIC from our Spain office in Valencia. And we look forward to seeing you this year once again at our KRISTINA KORB/MARION WALTER/GOSEE CHARITY BAR at UPDATE-19-BERLIN. Stop by for a drink and a chat!”

MARION WALTER presents you the new BRUNO BANANI campaign here on GoSee: “For Gerlachhartog and the client BRUNO BANANI, we travelled to Tulum, and it was clear to us all: This was going to be fun! And thanks to Bruno Banani’s recently proclaimed “Free State of Mind”, we were all on our way to this paradise at the other end of the world to capture the new state in photos, creating the basis for the Bruno Banani Summer 2020 campaign. Which is why we also got seasoned...

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Production • Prinz Productions : produced the ACTIVE by LASCANA Summer 2019 campaign, photographed by Gary Engel c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS in Cape Town, South Africa ... and for the first time, an exhibitor at UPDATE-19-BERLIN

30.09.2019 • Function meets style. The ACTIVE by LASCANA Summer 2019 campaign was photographed by Gary ENGEL c/o HILLE PHOTOGRAPHERS in Cape Town, South Africa. Specialist PRINZ PRODUCTIONS supported the shoot and ensured smooth production. The sport collection from LASCANA combines sporty functionality with the latest fashion trends, it is designed for extreme physical demands such as exercises that work up a sweat at the gym or even endurance sports outdoors. The brief was to realize this in attractive imagery with an extremely athletic look & feel. GoSee:

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Production • Glam Production produces the F/W '19/20 main and trend campaigns for CLOSED with MATHIAS LAURIDSEN and TASHA TILBERG in Los Angeles together with photographer Stefan Heinrich, Mel Karch and Director Stini Roehrs

20.09.2019 • In Los Angeles, Glam Production supported two campaigns for fashion client CLOSED from Hamburg. The main campaign was photographed by Stefan Heinrich with MATHIAS LAURIDSEN and TASHA TILBERG and directed by Stini Roehrs. The trend campaign was realized by Mel Karch. The shoots took place at the architectural landmark Neutra House. Creative direction was in the hands of Christiane Bördner, and responsible from the client was Gro Hjördis Pflughaupt, Head of Marketing & Communication.

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