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LS PRODUCTIONS presents : EDINBURGH GIN ‘Filled With Wonder’ commercial by Director Duncan Malcolm and GLASSWORKS for Bright Signals Glasgow - a fantastic voyage through a world full of natural flavors, pumping nightlife and breathtaking VFX



Client: Edinburgh Gin Agency : Bright Signals Deputy Managing Director: Grant Gibson Creatives : Gemma Butler & Gav Gordon-Rodgers Marketing Director: Andy McColgan Art Director: Lidia Merlo Head of Production: David Craik Senior Producer: Ashley Macpherson Production Company : Glassworks Director : Duncan Malcolm Producer : Duncan Buxton Service Production Company : Annex Films Producers : Fred Robinson & Basil Stephens Service Production Company : LS Productions Producer : Ellen De Faux DoP : Sam Goldie Post Production: Glassworks CG lead : Julian Johnson CG artists : Matt Fletcher, Aaron Smith, Quentin Corker-Marin, Kornel Makarowicz, Vladimir Venkov, Gustaf Lindstrom, Omar Sarmiento, Ola Madsen, Rudiger Kaltenhauser, Frankie Forzoni 2D lead : Duncan Horn Compositors : Duncan Malcolm, Marko Perendija Colourist : Jonny Thorpe Sound : Mcasso Music Producer: Hils Macdonald Engineer: Tom Martin

Director: Duncan Malcolm
DOP: Sam Goldie
Client: Edinburgh Gin
Production: Glassworks
Advertising Agency: Bright Signals
Producer: Duncan Buxton
Post Production: Glassworks
Location: Edinburgh
SERVICE PROD. 1 : Annex Films

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LS PRODUCTIONS presents the commercial ‘Filled With Wonder’ by Director Duncan Malcolm here on GoSee (DOP Sam Goldie). The production company was Glassworks VFX, and LS Productions teamed up with Annex Films for service production. The agency was Bright Signals from Glasgow.

Under the direction of Duncan Malcolm, London’s creative director par excellence for 2D, Glassworks delivered an end-to-end production, with a seamless workflow – from storyboard to the final composite. Full of live action scenes, interwoven in a CG world with rhubarb forests, ginger meteorites, and a magical view of the home town of Edinburgh, all created by the Glassworks VFX team, the spot is a celebration for the senses just like the gin.

Creatives : Gemma Butler & Gav Gordon-Rodgers, Marketing Director: Andy McColgan, Art Director: Lidia Merlo, Head of Production: David Craik, Senior Producer: Ashley Macpherson, Production Company: Glassworks, Director: Duncan Malcolm, Producer: Duncan Buxton, Service Production Company: Annex Films, Producers: Fred Robinson & Basil Stephens, Service Production Company: LS Productions, Producer: Ellen De Faux, DoP: Sam Goldie, Post Production: Glassworks, CG lead: Julian Johnson, CGI artists: Matt Fletcher, Aaron Smith, Quentin Corker-Marin, Kornel Makarowicz, Vladimir Venkov, Gustaf Lindstrom, Omar Sarmiento, Ola Madsen, Rudiger Kaltenhauser, Frankie Forzoni, 2D lead: Duncan Horn, Compositors: Duncan Malcolm, Marko Perendija, Colorist: Jonny Thorpe, Sound: Mcasso, Music Producer: Hils Macdonald, and Engineer: Tom Martin.

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