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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : Francesca Catastini 'Petrus' – a subtle study of beautiful objects and the human drive to find a definite form, appearing at Kehrer Publishing

07.08.2019 • As a wonderful coffee table book this week, we recommend 'Petrus' by Francesca Catastini, appearing at Kehrer Publishing. This at first glance seemingly incoherent collection of photos of beautiful objects opens up a second perspective when you read the intention of the photographer. Francesca Catastini (*1982) studied Photography and Visual Design (MA) at the NABA in Milan and has already exhibited internationally. We bring you a sneak peek at the book here on GoSee, and more is available on Vimeo.

“Petrus reflects on a certain rhetoric of masculinity in Western culture.” says Kehrer Publishing, and continues: “It is about the human drive to define ourselves and the world through a definite form. Form is never stable though. It is the ever-changing result of a never-ending tension between forces pushing from within and pressures coming from without. Through a cynical, tender, and arbitrary analysis of what probably cannot be sliced and diced, Francesca Catastini plays with archetypes and images considering the way they sculpt ourselves and shape our views. Looking for subtle...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : MALLORCA 'MAR i MUNTANYA' – an elaborately designed coffee table book by Antonia and Alexander Feig & Büro Wilhelm publishing as and illustrated book, storybook and cookbook for Majorca fans, photography aficionados and everyone who enjoys a good read

06.08.2019 • Photographer duo Antonia and Alexander Feig visited locals on their trips to the popular Balearic island, who stand for a self-confident Majorca: Maria Solivellas, a pioneer of the zero-kilometer concept of Neo-Majorcan cuisine. In her Restaurant CA NA TONETA she only cooks foods available on the island or off its shores. Albert Pinya, artist from the island capital Palma, speaks in his works about the political and cultural development of Majorca. Wine rebel Tomeo Llabres, who founded a new vineyard in his home town of Binissalem. Under the label CAN VERDURA, he only grows autochthonous types of grapes. The olive oil from SOLIVELLAS are among the best produced in the Mediterranean region. Almost all top chefs of Majorca use the liquid gold from Pep Solivellas in their kitchens.

Each encounter with these protagonists helped to shape the perspective of the two food and travel photographers. The result of which they present in MALLORCA – MAR i MUNTANYA. The illustrated book contains 264 pages of food stills, landscape photographs in subtle colors, contemporary street...

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Shop • GoSee Book Tip : 'Oyster' by Marco Marzocchi, his extremely personal visual diary about childhood memories and the relationship to his parents who died at an early age

01.08.2019 • Made over the course of 10 years, 'Oyster' is a visual diary compiled by Marco Marzocchi (born 1974 in Ferrara, Italien) as a way to uncover clues in understanding his absent parents. At times bordering on frustration and violence, his images express his search for a 'culprit', a cause for his disfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a present in a process of forgiving and letting go, in search of love and healing.

“This work represents my experience in recovering and understanding my parents, their lives and their relationship towards myself. I never knew them well because they split when I was 6 years old, and they both died young. Drugs, addictions, jail and a dysfunctional environment, these were constant elements. This work is focused on dealing with and replacing all the doubts and the fears that I had. Exorcizing the pain and the search for love.” Marco Marzocchi.

About - Marco Marzocchi's photography is the search for people, atmospheres and places of the past, mixed with the present in order...

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Shop • GoSee loves ... Journey to the Blue City (2014 – 2019) – a zeitgeist portrait of young adolescents in Morocco by visual artist KASHMIRWALA as a book and an exhibition in London

01.08.2019 • 'A photographic book project that explores the birth of a community through calisthenics*.' – with 'Journey to the Blue City (2014 – 2019)', visual artist Kashmirwala presents his photo documentary of a group of adolescents in Morocco. On display at London's The Muse Gallery (269 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LR) from 9 – 23 August are his sensitive and personal portraits.

'In every generation, youth culture finds its own mode of expression. In modern day Morocco, that zeitgeist is being expressed as creativity through calisthenics – the art of body-weight movement. 'Journey to the Blue City' follows a band of teenagers from the dusty playgrounds of Casablanca to the mountain peaks of Chefchaouen, spreading their message of comradery, empowerment and brotherhood.'

About - Ibrahim Ahmed, aka 'Kashmirwala', utilizes his camera as a tool to initiate conversations with communities. Inspired by the stories of his great grandfather Faisal Kashmirwala, a travel pioneer in the 1940s, Ibrahim seeks to connect people. Rather than creating work upon reflection of an experience, he...

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Shop • Made in Spain since 1925 – DORA JOKER produces 'eye on ibiza' S/S 2019 for richly traditional shoe label PEDRO GARCIA and the agency Clase BCN

29.07.2019 • Daniel Riera photographed for traditional Spanish label PEDRO GARCIA and the agency Clase BCN the campaign motifs 'eye on ibiza' S/S 2019 presented on GoSee. The campaign was produced by the prod pros from DORA JOKER, Barcelona.

Pedro García is a family firm of high-end shoemakers based in Elda, Spain. For three generations, it has kept the region’s manufacturing tradition, applying an “industrial craft” know-how to every detail of their collections. Brother and sister Mila and Pedro García are the third generation to lead this family shoe-making firm. Mila holds the CEO post, while Pedro is the brand’s creative director. They took over the reins from their father, who was also named Pedro García, as was their grandfather, who founded the firm in 1925. All of the brand’s shoes are made at its own factory, located where the family firm was founded, and where it remains to this day: Elda, a town with a long tradition of shoe-making, in the Mediterranean region of Alicante

Clase BCN: “The bond we have with Pedro García, as a result of our 15-year collaboration, allows us to...

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