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Shop • JOY CONTROL – personal work by photographer JANA EDISONGA

01.12.2021 • With her personal work ‘Joy Control’, photographer Jana Edisonga visualized the physical expression of an inner dialogue through movement and light painting. The inner monologue is a form of storytelling often used in literary texts to convey thought processes. This ‘dialogue’ can prove to be more or less controllable and is not necessarily always a ‘joyful’ experience : Because we’re not always comfortable with the truth, not all thoughts are free, and not always do we have our best interest in mind.

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Shop • ‘A Last Autumn Greeting’ from 1800 meters above sea-level – personal work by PATRICK SALONEN

23.11.2021 • Only days before the access road was closed due to winter like every year, PATRICK SALONEN took the opportunity to visit the magical destination at 1800m above sea-level : “The magnificent day in late autumn was an invitation to photograph this location. In the back of my head while shooting, I already had the idea of using it to create a CGI production.”

Which is precisely why he also shot a matching 360° sphere for each location. Since 3D software is continuously being developed and changed, Patrick uses projects like this to test new features and, of course, hone his personal skills. The final result is this small series which we gladly present you here on GoSee.NEWS.

GoSee :

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Shop • Meat Recipes – personal work by Sonja HOFMANN c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

23.11.2021 • Andrea Heberger : "Sonja Hofmann teamed up with foodstylist Lukas Baseda to create an atmospheric scene for delicious meat recipes, exclusive knives and cutlery in combination with fancy tiles." Props by Cameracuisine.

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Shop • Wedding Lingerie – personal work photographed by Nicholai FISCHER c/o KRISTINA KORB

22.11.2021 • Nicholai FISHER c/o KRISTINA KORB is a filmmaker and photographer born and raised in South Africa with an Italian mother and a German father. For the past thirteen years, Nicholai has been commuting between Paris, London and NY.

Having honed his craft alongside some of the world’s most successful photographers and directors, including Ellen Von Unwerth, Mario Testino, Hans Feurer, Willy Vanderperre, Stephane Sednaoui, and David Lynch, Nicholai has been a regular contributor to ID magazine, Man About Town, Wonderland, V Man, Quest, Bon International, Dansk, and has seen his work featured in a book by Dolce and Gabbana about David Gandy, plus two book collaborations with Taschen Publishing and ID magazine.

He worked on a menswear project with Alexander McQueen, and over the past twelve years, Nicholai has directed TV commercials, music videos and is currently working on a feature documentary.

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