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SHOP Black Lives Matter, Covid-19, … KEHRER Publishing presents the book Chicago 2020 by Ryan Bakerink with historic photos from the year 2020 

02.10.2022 • How is it possible to feel immediately at home in a place you have never seen before? This question still haunts photographer Ryan Bakerink twenty years after he first stepped off the train in Chicago, where he continues to live to this day.

This book is dedicated to the city for which his heart beats and describes a journey of self-reflection that ends in a time capsule of sorts. Throughout 2020, he took photographs in all seventy-seven community areas of the American city to trace his fascination for it, to find his place in it, and to understand how it has shaped him.

Chicago 2020 is more than a declaration of love for a city. In a time of social and political turmoil defined by the pandemic, Bakerink discovers hidden treasures amidst the emptiness and the pure beauty of humanity.

The photographic work of Ryan Bakerink, who grew up in southwest Iowa, is focused on social issues and counterculture lifestyle, particularly within the music industry, off-the-grid communities, travel, and portraiture. Ryan seeks to expand his own personal and social boundaries by searching for...

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SHOP Workampers, America’s new nomads, portrayed in the book ‘All the Past We Leave Behind – America’s New Nomads’ by Timothy Eastman, appearing at KEHRER PUBLISHING

22.09.2022 • In his first book, Timothy Eastman presents us people who are referred to as workampers, for whom the American Dream is a life lived on the road. In their RVs and vans, they move from one temporary and seasonal job to the next. Often, they are people who had lived a more mainstream life but found themselves barely getting by. Some see themselves as rebels and adventurers who have bucked the system and found a way to live on their own terms.

But workamping is also characterized by financial precariousness. Healthcare is unavailable or unreliable, and safety is a concern, especially for solo travelers. The next job is not guaranteed and most are low-paid. Amazon is the workamper’s largest employer, hiring for help in its warehouses during the busiest times of the year.

Timothy Eastman: “The idea for this work first came from reading the book Nomadland by Jessica Bruder. She described an America that I didn’t know existed, one composed of travelers. I was fascinated by the emergence of this way of life as something that, if not exactly yet mainstream, seemed to be growing in...

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SHOP Portraiture of a pea pod… - personal work by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS

13.09.2022 • “An incredibly touching series in Lars Ranek’s personal work – portraiture of a pea pod, subtly referencing the same compassion and fragility we associate with a newborn child. Absolutely brilliant!” STILLSTARS.

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SHOP 'Brothers and Others' – ongoing personal project by Alexander COGGIN c/o MAKING PICTURES

04.09.2022 • “Brothers & Others is an ongoing personal project by Alexander Coggin. After months apart, Alexander is finally reunited with his extended family and continues his ongoing documentary series.” MAKING PICTURES

Alexander Coggin has his very own way of looking at the world. The American, who now lives in London following many years in Berlin, enjoys walking the streets with his camera most of all, feeding his visual curiosity among total strangers and skillfully capturing scenes and moods. The more absurd and neurotic, the better.

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