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Shop • GOSEE loves ... ‘I am interested in that strange magic that occurs when things come together’ – Harry Gruyaert, the Belgian pioneer of street photography, with a solo exhibition in the Howard Greenberg Gallery

19.02.2020 • “For me, photography is not only about composition and color, it has to say something about the time and the place,” Paris resident photographer Harry Gruyaert (born 1941 in Belgium) tells us about his work. He became famous, above all, for his street photography and the use of color like his American colleagues Joel Meyerowitz, Saul Leiter, Stephen Shore, and William Eggleston. Since 1982, he has been a member of Magnum Photos, and in 2018, a documentary was published about the pioneer of color photography in Europe and how he color saved his life. His solo exhibition in the US is on display at the Howard Greenberg Gallery through 14, March, 2020,.

“Harry grows up in a strict and traditional Catholic Flemish family. His father forbids him to become a photographer because he sees it as sinful. So he decides to leave his country and travel. Coming from a repressed and grey background, he discovers the lights and color of Europe. Driven by hatred and love and the irresistible desire to be a photographer, he becomes a pioneer in European color photography...” goes the intro of

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Shop • Anne DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN shoots clear design language for VICTOR FOXTROT furniture & lighting, Hamburg

13.02.2020 • When a detail becomes essential, that’s when something special is created. Words to live by for Florian Vogel, who founded the brand VICTOR FOXTROT furniture & lighting in 2012. The products from VICTOR FOXTROT feature impressively clear designs and skillful craftsmanship. VICTOR FOXTROT designs and produces in Hamburg. The campaign motifs were photographed by Anne DEPPE c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN. GoSee:

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Shop • GoSee loves ... ‘Untold Stories’ by Peter Lindbergh – his first personally curated monographic exhibition with more than 150 photos in an XL book at TASCHEN Publishing

10.02.2020 • “When I saw my photos on the wall in the exhibition model for the first time, it gave me a fright, but also in a good way. It was overwhelming to be thus confronted with who I am,” Peter Lindbergh last year on his exhibition in Museum Kunstpalast.

The book and exhibition ‘Untold Stories’ at Düsseldorf’s Museum Kunstpalast – the first exhibition curated by Peter Lindbergh (1944-2019) – became a project from the heart over the course of its two-year preparation, which the photographer finished shortly before his untimely death. With more than 150 photographs from the early 1980s to the present, it offers new and unexpected insights into the colossal oeuvre of the legendary photographer. We encounter famous Lindbergh photos, several hitherto unpublished images alongside commissioned work for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W, Interview, Rolling Stone, or Wall Street Journal.

Untold Stories is Lindbergh’s most personal statement on his work. The photographer has always focused on the human being and has thus revolutionized the imagery of fashion photography. His photos turned supermodels not...

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Shop • GoSee loves ...FAR AWAY BUT CLOSE by Jessica Backhaus – pausing for a little moment, captured in intensively colored snapshots during the photographer’s visits to Chile

05.02.2020 • A new book by Jessica Backhaus presents snapshots from her visits to Chile over the last seven years. ‘Far Away But Close’ was published by Another Place Press as a book full of stories that gradually unfold for the beholder.

Far away but close showcases work made by Jessica Backhaus during many visits to Chile over the last seven years. “Presence, image, and suggestion: art’s sacred trinity is embodied with such generous concentration in these images by Jessica Backhaus, who we as Chileans should thank for making so exquisitely visible, what we are too distracted to notice. The power of the color that portrays and crowns the subject, provokes the sensation that we are seeing something we see every day but haven’t actually seen before.” we learn from the introduction by Antonio Skármeta.

Author: Antonio Skármeta, Artist: Jessica Backhaus
Publisher: Another Place Press/ Scottish Highlands
Design: Iain Sarjeant, Jessica Backhaus
Softcover, 24 x 19cm, 72 pages, 52 color and b&w ills., English/Spanish 2019

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Shop • fritz-kulturgüter GmbH goes for ‘Mudda Nature’ - full-wall artwork by ARTMOS4

04.02.2020 • The agency ARTMOS4 received an inquiry from fritz-kulturgüter GmbH on the topic of “Mudda Nature”. The brief was to realize fritz-kola bottles and the portrait of a woman in black & white on a wall of an organic supermarket. Marcus c/o ARTMOS4 came up with the design for it, leaning toward the art nouveau era, and realized it personally. We have the result for you on GoSee.

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