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featured by KLAUS STIEGEMEYER : Tights for tigers and birds – Jonas HUCKSTORF c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographs the SAINT SASS ‘21-22 campaign

saint sass was founded by the two Berliners Vivien and Axel Weber, who took up the cause of producing extraordinary tights which are designed to express feminine independence and the self-ironic courage of women. This initial wish was transformed into the first collection : stockings with statements which reflect these strong values.

Knit in Germany and refined by hand : “For women who refuse to be niched. For women who have fun reinventing themselves each and every day. For women who love contrasts.” saint sass is a brand of the Airless Fashion GmbH.

Jonas HUCKSTORF c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER photographed the latest SAINT SASS campaign. Styling by Ricarda Venjacob c/o Liganord, hair & make-up by Patricia Heck c/o Nina Klein. GoSee : saintsass.com & kstiegemeyer.de
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featured by Felix Eisenmeier : Twins – personal work by photographer FELIX EISENMEIER

“Everybody knows that twins share a unique connection. Unique, complex, diverse, divine!” We present you the personal work themed upon identical twins by Cologne-based people, lifestyle and street photographer FELIX EISENMEIER here on GoSee.NEWS.

The frequency of multiple pregnancies is calculated using Hellin’s Law, according to which the chance of having a natural pregnancy with twins is around 1 to 85, which equates to approximately 1.2 % of all births.

Casting : Momo, set design : Salome KLEB c/o LIGAWEST, hair & make-up : Nadine THOMA c/o NINA KLEIN.
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featured by BEN & MARTIN : BEN & MARTIN aka BAM shoot for the Vice Media subsidiary VIRTUE WORLDWIDE the new VOLKSWAGEN R models: Golf R, Touareg R eHybrid, Tiguan R and Arteon R. in a modern visual language

Vice Media subsidiary VIRTUE is the new lead agency for the Volkswagen R models. To realize the various launch campaigns, VIRTUE commissioned Cologne-based photographer team BAM.

Together with creatives Anna Nowok, Johannes Jatho, Romano Dudas and Producer Matthias Lip from VIRTUE, the production took them to southern Germany. The result is a fresh and modern mix which emotionally stages the lifestyle and premium character of the VW R models.

Production was supported by Kai Tietz together with GoSee Member Andreas Hofmann from PEAK Productions. Styling was taken care of by Natalie Schneider, and H&M came from Nadine Thoma @ NINA KLEIN. The look & feel was created in cooperation with TREY Digital Studio.
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