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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : HERMES Logistics campaign - photos and snippets by Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for thjnk

Photographer and Director Janine GRAUBAUM c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP realized the new HERMES campaign for thjnk. The result: photos and a few film snippets.

Art Direction was taken care of by Ildar Würth with production by GoSee Member SVEN LAABS. Styling was in the hands of Nelly Hohmann, and hair & makeup came from Rebecca Herrmann. Photo and film post were realized by Simon Geis from vividgrey. Models came from Procast, and art buying was taken care of by Nina-Maria Glahé. Digital Operator: Martin Dziuba, DOP: Till Girke.

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