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News // 17 News by Dominik Obertreis

‘Yesterday, Tomorrow & Beyond’ anniversary campaign for 100 years of KURTZ ERSA mechanical engineering by DOMINIK OBERTREIS for VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN

For the globally active mechanical engineering company KURTZ ERSA, people and corporate specialist Dominik OBERTREIS had the honor of showcasing several employees for the 100 year anniversary campaign. Together with Christian Kitter (CD) and Sebastian Forstner (Project Management), everyone involved had a great time and was wonderful both behind and in front of the camera. Who would have known that they are all such talented actors.

“One single photo cannot capture an entire 100 years of Ersa, nor should it. Which is why we developed the key visual as a modular multi-picture. This enabled us to do justice to all aspects of the brand : Its status as market leader, its international presence and the fact that it’s a family company meanwhile in its seventh generation…” says VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN.
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Acrobatics on wind turbines : DOMINIK OBERTREIS photographs in dizzying heights for DEUTSCHE WINDTECHNIK in Texas

The amount of wind energy in the United States has tripled over the past ten years. Texas, with its manufacturing and agricultural industries, is leading the way not only when it comes to oil production but also wind energy.

The shoot in Texas by DOMINIK OBERTREIS for DEUTSCHE WINDTECHNIK was originally planned for June 2020, but due to Covid, it could not take place the first time – there was no chance of traveling to America. “A year later in June, thanks to Sarah from the corporate communication team, I was able to realize the long-awaited shoot together with her. In December, a few refresher courses were held so that we were permitted to climb up to the dizzying heights. I can hardly wait to see where we will go next for the client. No matter where it is – these heights are right up my alley!”

Besides classic people & corporate photography, Dominik got the chance to capture breathtaking motifs once again from a bird’s eye view. He benefitted from his experience as a reportage photographer for domestic and international magazines such as Geo, Sports, Merian, Stern, National Geographic, and Grands Reportages. Not to mention the mandatory courses taken permitting him to climb up a wind turbine.
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FETTE COMPACTING employee campaign by DOMINIK OBERTREIS for Klondike

The shoot for FETTE COMPACTING, leading manufacturer of tablet presses and capsule filling machines for the pharma and nutrition industries, was a case of Covid-related postponement and was planned to take place in the spring/summer of 2020. “Now the time had finally come, and I got the chance to realize the new campaign motifs with the congenial employees. Another very beautiful shoot with the tried-and-trusted Fette Compacting team together with Petra Brandstätter from Klondike and Kerstin Schaeper,” Dominik tells us.
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