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news featured by Torsten Klinkow TORSTEN KLINKOW photographs the campaign and catalogue for the limited anniversary model PORSCHE BOXSTER 25 Years along the coast of Croatia on commission for KEKO

TORSTEN KLINKOW presents his production for the limited anniversary model PORSCHE Boxster 25 Years here on GoSee. “The brief was to present the mid-engined sports car in a similar environment as it was in the launch campaign 25 years ago. The result are hundreds of editorial motifs documenting a road trip along the beautiful coast of Croatia. We present you only a small selection of motifs and videos here,” says Torsten.

Besides the anniversary model itself, the photographer was lucky enough to have the concept car and one of the first Boxsters on set. Torsten is still particularly thrilled by the super-smooth design of the concept car which is infused with the DNA of the Porsche 356 Nr.1 and the 550 Spyder.

“Many thanks to all team members, clients, creatives, helpers, post producers … once again for a great production in times of the pandemic,” says Torsten.

Production was taken care of by GoSee Member SVEN LAABS, Producer was Paula Petersen, and creation was in the hands of AD...

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