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News // 17 News by Philipp Rathmer

‘Stroll, Stroll, Come On, Let’s Go’ – photographer PHILIPP RATHMER went on a shopping tour through Hamburg for the magazine DIE STILISTEN

“Remember the times when we would get all dressed up on a Saturday, meet up with friends and just go on a stroll downtown between Jungfernstieg, Neuer Wall and Rathausmarkt? Have a look at the elaborately decorated shop displays, watch others, buy something nice, and as the cherry on top, perhaps have a high tea at the Four Seasons? Sound far away? But now, all you have to do is : Leave your home or office, or both, and go downtown – we have already been there with the new fashion of the season.” is how the supplement DIE STILISTEN praises the inner city in its September issue. 

The spread was photographed by Philipp Rathmer with model Laetitia Hartmann. Where else but on the chic streets of Hamburg. Art buyer was Elias Gröb, and post production was in the hands of blink imaging. Styling: Silja Lange, hair & make-up: Magdalena Wlodarkiewicz c/o Nina Klein Agency.
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‘Designs With a Story’ SAHRA TEHRANI’S boutique full of stories – fashion film by PHILIPP RATHMER

A fashion film for SAHRA TEHRANI was filmed by photographer and director PHILIPP RATHMER just outside of Hamburg with the new collection by the designer – ‘Designs With A Story’.

The fashion boutique of Sahra Tehrani, former Art Director for agencies such as BBDO or Jung von Matt has been offering individually designed women’s fashion and accessories for several years now in the heart of Hamburg. The motifs, the scarves and shirts adorn and preserve moments of Tehrani’s life. 

“Whether asphalt, a hedge or raindrops on a train window. Photographic images from day-to-day life are designed on clothing and in doing so become stories to wear. The templates for the prints are images which we encounter in our daily lives. Because what we see everyday all too often goes unnoticed. However, each day affords us beautiful images and encounters we wish to preserve. Mirrored multiple times and dissolved in its structure, the ordinary gains new meaning : beauty, sensuality and meaningfulness,” says the designer.
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IT’S ON ! Deutsche Post DHL campaign with a new explainer video and new motifs with Jürgen Vogel by PHILIPP RATHMER for Aufbruch Scheven Kroke

Actor Jürgen Vogel, who worked for the postal service himself once, has been advertising for DEUTSCHE POST DHL already since February. And the new explainer videos and motifs were once again realized by PHILIPP RATHMER with Jürgen Vogel, who continues to check and explain the services and procedures at Deutsche Post. His new discovery : Packages can now also be given to the deliverers.

Production was taken care of by GoSee Member LUNIK with Producer Arne Weingart, and digital support came from BLINK IMAGING. Grooming of the simpatico actor was in the hands of GABRIELLE Theurer c/o BASICS BERLIN, with set design by Doreen Regel, also c/o BASICS BERLIN.

Creative responsibility was in the hands of the agency Aufbruch Scheven Kroke with Creative Director Burkhart from Scheven and Art Director Kathrin Gorris.
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