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featured by Marc Trautmann : ‘Lucid Air in Tokyo’ – a personal project by MARC TRAUTMANN

In the world of visual culture today, the lines between real and digital are becoming increasingly blurred. This is particularly remarkable when traditional photography is juxtaposed with the possibilities of CGI and artificial intelligence.

Tokyo, a cosmopolitan city known for both its traditional culture and modern architecture, served as the ideal setting for this photo series. Backplates were photographed across the various districts of Tokyo and form the real, tangible component.

They range from the bustling streets of Shibuya, to quiet suburbs, and even the ultra-modern skyscrapers of Shinjuku – capturing a variety of scenarios, thus enabling the entire breadth and depth the digital world has to offer. Which, of course, the POP. team promptly put to paper, or rather pixel, adding the car using CGI and the talent with AI.

With the resulting images, Marc Trautmann and the POP. team show Tokyo not only in all its complex beauty; they also demonstrate the sheer infinite possibilities that arise when traditional photography meets cutting-edge technology.
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POP. boutique digital & content creation studio presents ‘Homeless Office - A Reportage on the Future of Media Professionals’

When artificial intelligence meets reality, we tend to always ask ourselves the same question: “How will continuously advancing AI technology impact society and its very existence?”

The reportage reveals the hypothetical hopeless future that could be awaiting everyone from creative directors to post producers, journalists, photographers and filmmakers – along with all the new and fascinating things that come with AI – in a somewhat dystopian take. While, not all too long ago, the talent and determination of media professionals was still truly admirable, a new danger might just be lurking right around the corner: the impact of AI on their jobs. Automation and algorithmic decision-making could continue to endanger media jobs, simply by ousting human creativity and perspectives.

Sharp-witted and tongue firmly in cheek, the motifs provide food for thought about the challenges and possibilities resulting from the battle between the human brain and technological progress – while also serving as a dramatic warning of how easily AI can be used to influence or even distort journalism, content and unbiased reporting online.

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featured by Marc Trautmann : AITO in Twilight - MARC TRAUTMANN photographs the new HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle

The new HUAWEI AITO M9 EV was photographed by MARC TRAUTMANN on an empty airfield in China. Production of the spread was in the hands of Jedivisual.

Aito (which translates to ‘ask the world’) is a Chinese car brand originally introduced as a sub-brand by Seres Group in 2021. In June 2023, it was completely acquired by tech giant Huawei.

“There is a difference of only one letter between AITO and AUTO: ‘I’ stands for intelligence, which represents innovative technological capabilities such as the HarmonyOS smart cockpit. Empowered by this one letter ‘I’, AITO continues to make cars smarter.” AITO.

In December 2021, Huawei announced the launch of the brand and introduced the Aito M5 as its first vehicle, developed in cooperation with Seres Group. The second model was the Aito M7, which was presented for the first time in April 2022. The brand’s largest model, the Aito M9, has been manufactured since October 2023. Responsible for post production was POP.

HUAWEI AITO M9 Electric Vehicle
Photographer: Marc Trautmann
Production: Jedivisual
Post Production: POP 

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