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featured by MARC AND DAVID : MARC AND DAVID photograph the launch campaign for the new ŠKODA KODIAQ in Cape Town for FCB London

The robust and spacious Škoda Kodiaq turns every family drive into an exploration. For the launch campaign, Škoda’s creative lead agency FCB London commissioned photographer duo MARC AND DAVID. The sporty vehicle was staged in striking gold-bronze metallic in Cape Town for the collaboration with PRINZ PRODUCTIONS.

Creative direction was in the hands of by Vini Couto with copywriter and creative partner in crime Lukas Arantes and art buying by Dawn Moretti. STEFAN EISELE POSTPRODUCTION put on the perfect finishing touches for the motifs we present you here on GoSee.

The new Kodiaq – the name of which refers to the bear that inhabits the homonymous island of the coast of Alaska – has an even more spacious interior, making it more practical than its predecessor. Featuring a completely redesigned exterior, it is adorned with elements of the Modern Solid design language. The design team was not only focused on making the Kodiaq elegant – they wanted its appearance to immediately convey the space it offers inside.

The two photographers have been successfully working as a team since 2013. “What makes us unique is the combination of our specialist fields transportation and people photography, capturing automotive images through the eye of a people photographer and vice versa. By fusing our knowledge and experience, we are much more flexible, and we shoot images that are authentic and animated. Our expertise allows us to shoot lifestyle images with two cameras simultaneously from two different angles to capture that one perfect moment.”
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PRINZ PRODUCTIONS realizes fashion & advertising productions for JC New Retail and PEEK & CLOPPENBURG, BREUNINGER, MONOCLE, NEW LOOK, and PARKSIDE in Portugal

Prinz Productions, with offices in both Cape Town and Lisbon, provides global production support for photo and film shoots – whether for campaigns, transportation, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, stocks, TVCs, BHS, online content & social media, documentaries, or music videos. Here on GoSee, they present us a selection of season highlights from Portugal.

“Prinz Productions wrapped up last season under the watchful eye of Filipp Vlasov and Marcus Huchrak from NEW RETAIL, with a magical fashion production amid the dreamlike natural wonders of Portugal, resulting in a campaign full of green and mystical locations, underscoring the fresh & young vibe of the PEEK & CLOPPENBURG brand.

A long-standing client, PEEK & CLOPPENBURG is a brand we’re always glad to see back in Portugal. The photos were shot by Leon Mark with the support of digital operator Henri Coutant and DOP Björn Bassner. For a big dollop of creativity, styling was in the hands of key Elke Dostal, who was assisted by Hoang Cung My Phan, with hair & makeup from the skilled hands of Jane Jakobi and Sarah Rabel.

To kick off the season, NEW LOOK had some fresh fun in store for us in 2023 – an experience complete with all the bells and whistles created under the executive of Art Director Emma Menteath with the support of photographer Justin Polkey and producer Alexandra Weir. Innovative styling came from Serena Mannini, with hands-on styling assistance from Rheanna McClean from New Look.

With BREUNINGER, we once again had the privilege of producing yet another wonderful campaign. Guided by the brilliant minds of AD Fabio Pace and CD Alexander Senning, the June 2023 production saw the return of creative mastermind duo Kristian Schuller and Peggy Schuller for photography and creative consulting, respectively. Impeccable throughout, of course, as always was the styling by Tania Hohenhoevel, makeup by Gabrielle Theurer and hair by Attila Kenyeres.

On a lighter note, albeit with the usual challenges, we had the pleasure of producing with MONOCLE for an edition of the company’s travel guide. In a production that lasted no longer than two days, it was a full feature captured in the wonderful coastal city of Cascais. An incredible shoot under the executive of Amara Eno from Monocle, snapped through the lens of photographer Thomas Chene and styled by Kyoko Tamoto.

The year 2023 culminated with PARKSIDE, brought to us via Monday in May with Havas Germany. A short but extremely demanding and creative production in the hands of Florian Walz from Parkside Marketing Int. and CD Oliver Hilbring from Havas, for which locations and casting were essential ingredients chosen with meticulous detail. Special thanks to photographer Florian Büttner for his keen eye and nerves of steel, as well as digital operator Alexander Wöckener together with videographer Corinna Witzsch and Senior Creative Producer Moritz Hausdörfer from Havas.”
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A magical night in the desert with the NISSAN MAGNITE - a transportation & lifestyle shoot with Thomas Strogalski and support from PRINZ PRODUCTIONS on GoSee

Together with photographer and director Thomas Strogalski c/o Schierke Hottas, PRINZ PRODUCTIONS realized a production with the NISSAN MAGNITE, which they present us here on GoSee.

“In the height of summer, we assembled an all-local team, with Thomas Strogalski as photographer and director – to create magic, shooting stills and motion just outside Cape Town with the Nissan Magnite. Special mention to DOP Steven Michelsen. Cast: Ash Millar (unsigned) & Levi Brown (the circle models), AD: Lori Myburg, H&M artist: Nikkila Man, and post production: Mango Films (film) & Visual Craft Room (stills).”

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