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news featured by GoSee ART GoSee loves … Paris Gallery Chenel presents the new book by Henrik PURIENNE ‘TASJAKI’, appearing as a sexy limited edition by IDEA BOOKS, with an exhibition and book signing

The new book by fashion photographer PURIENNE and his muse Natasja Madsen is out – as a one-time limited edition of 1.500 copies (30 x 22cm. 224 pages), appearing at IDEA BOOKS: “The new Purienne book is TASJAKI. The most positively sexy, positive sex book ever. Natasja Madsen is Tasjaki. The world is hers and Purienne’s. As photographer and model, they make commercial images for brands, recreating their blissful, beautiful lifestyle. TASJAKI is not a commercial. This book is their reality. This is a documentary! The best Purienne book yet. We wrote about the book here. Please read before buying. This is a very positively sexy book!”

IDEA BOOKS is also celebrating Purienne as a master of the double spread. “The entire book is sequenced to perfection. It contains several nudes. There are several still lifes and landscapes. They all share the same love and the same light and the same love of light…”

For the release, Paris Gallery Chenel is showing ‘Purienne / Tasjaki’, the first...

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