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news featured by close up agency Sparkling Nights – Reno Mezger photographs CHANEL Beauty Creation for STYLE UP YOUR LIFE MAGAZINE with model Bruna Colpa de Castro, hairstyling by Giovanni RIVAS c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY

GIOVANNI RIVAS c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY was in charge of hairstyling for the spread entitled ‘Sparkling Nights’. It presents the limited Holiday Collection from CHANEL in STYLE UP YOUR LIFE MAGAZINE. In front of the camera of Reno Mezger stood Bruna Colpa de Castro. Make-up was in the hands of Chanel National Make-up Artist Martin Schmid, with styling by Christoph Heinrich.

A native of Puerto Rico, Giovanni has been represented by CLOSE UP already since 1999. Several more new works are available via CLOSE UP AGENCY.

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