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featured by B&A REPS Germany : RENAULT RANGE shoot by MICHAEL HANISCH c/o B&A REPS GERMANY for Publicis Conseil

Publicis Conseil commissioned MICHAEL HANISCH c/o B&A REPS GERMANY with a range shoot for RENAULT (AD: Pierre Dumont, CD: Gurvan Prioul, Production: Prodigious, Post Production: RECOM).

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featured by B&A REPS Germany : The new PEUGEOT E3008 - next-gen electric SUV photographed by Patrik JOHÄLL c/o B&A REPS GERMANY

Welcome to the age of the new PEUGEOT E-3008: The elegant SUV silhouette is seamlessly combined with the pioneering next-gen PEUGEOT Panorama i-Cockpit. Patrik Johäll c/o B&A REPS GERMANY staged the car with a modern signature. Post was taken care of by GoSee Member RECOM.

The PEUGEOT E-3008 is ringing in a new age of electric mobility. Its elegant silhouette, the cutting-edge front design with extremely slim PEUGEOT PIXEL LED headlights as well as the dynamically designed rear with floating spoiler reflect the new identity of PEUGEOT.

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RECOM : FULL CGI for AXOR ‘Make It Yours!’ and the Ushi Tamborriello bathroom ‘Gretel & Hänsel’ – a magical place and the quiet of the Black Forest

With ‘Gretel and Hänsel’, Swiss-based interior architect Ushi Tamborriello and her team present a bathroom of understated luxury in which folkloric references tell their own stories of wonder. Set in Germany’s Black Forest, the 15sqm concept is Tamborriello’s personal response to the AXOR ‘Make It Yours!’ campaign, and is a stunning example of the interplay between narrative and space.

RECOM had the pleasure of realizing this project via full-CGI, which included creating 3D models of the bathroom architecture along with AXOR products and all props (e.g. towels, flacons, toothbrushes, cups, scented candles, pine cones, razors, little bowls, etc.) plus all water simulations. It was all combined for the final look in numerous visuals in creative retouch.

“AXOR’s products revolve around the concepts of individuality, personalization, and ultimately, the personality of the user,” Tamborriello tells AXOR. “It quickly became clear to us that we could best approach an ‘invented individuality’ through scenography. With this realization, worlds opened up and one narrative motif followed the next.”

By conceptualizing the bathroom in this way, Atelier ushitamborriello was free to draw from a rich, diverse patchwork of influences. “We were inspired by the variety of new possible materials of the faucets, the washbasins, the accessories; the dark woods, bronze, marble,” Tamborriello adds. “The quarries of Carrara became a topic, of Michelangelo and his idea of the liberation of sculpture from stone… Ultimately, however, it was the Black Forest, home of AXOR, with its many, sometimes dark tales which led to the iconographic ‘forest fairy tale’ Hansel and Gretel.”

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