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news featured by Jeff Ludes ‘On a mission to do it all’ - JEFF LUDES photographs once again for the exciting Californian transportation start-up CANOO

For JEFF LUDES’ second project with Californian electric vehicle start-up CANOO, the team took to the deserts of SoCal. First up was a day spent with professional climbers, who helped him to explore the rocks and trees of the Mojave. On the second shoot day, Jeff & company met up with dirt bikers in dusty badlands, throwing a lot of dirt, and generally making a big mess,” Jeff Ludes lets us know.

After the difficult process of image selection, Recom Farmhouse got to work finishing it all up for display on the Canoo website and for use as content on CANOO social media channels.

Canoo is a Los Angeles-based company that develops breakthrough electric vehicles, reinventing the automotive landscape with bold design innovations, pioneering technologies and a unique business model that defies traditional ownership to put customers first. GoSee :

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