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featured by Gybow : JEFF LUDES and GYBOW stage the SUBARU CROSSTREK in Los Angeles

Everything was super top secret. Which is why the GYBOW System was the perfect solution for transportation pro JEFF LUDES to photograph the brand-new SUBARU CROSSTREK on location – that is, however, in an absolutely undisturbed and secure environment.

“Thanks to Jeff, we were able to present Gybow to the US market, where the system has been available for rent ever since.” GYBOW tells GoSee.

The Crosstrek 2024 equipped with the improved EyeSight driver assist technology is safer than ever before. Plus, it also features a number of active safety functions, such as the blind spot detection system and Cross-Traffic Alert, as well as the available SUBARU STARLINK® safety and security connected services.

Gybow is a revolutionary lightweight LED rig system that paints natural lighting and perfect reflections from 360º HDRI environments onto cars… or any other product.

GoSee :

Client Subaru, USA
Advertising Agency Designory / USA
Post Production Recom Farmhouse
Photographer Jeff Ludes
STUDIO Thunder Studio, LA

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featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG : NISSAN visuals via FULL CGI by RECOM (agency: TBWA Paris, photographers: He&Me)

Via FULL CGI, RECOM realized two visuals for NISSAN (agency: TBWA Paris / photographers: He&Me).

AD - Jocelyn Berthat
AD Junior - Yuhui Huang
Head of Pub - Harmonie Cifrian
Art Buying - Elise Kubler
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featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG : RECOM FULL-CGI presents ‘Au_XLR8R – a full CGI charged-up collision of leading artists in car design, CGI and photography’ on GoSee

RECOM is proud to present Au_XLR8R – a full CGI charged-up collision of leading artists in car design, CGI and photography.”

Thomas Brown wanted to bring his unique vision to the world of automotive photography. He often works with a set designer to create a physical world, whether it’s a sci-fi storm for Wallpaper or explorations of volume and mass for Frame. For a car, only CGI can bring this freedom of vision.

Khyzyl Saleem’s work (@the_kyza) is a high-octane mix of the wildest aspects of car design: evolved from the explosive creativity of gaming, founded in an in-depth knowledge of the realities which is fueled by his bodykit business, extending those outrageous modifications to real-life cars. RECOM are always looking for new and energizing ways to fuel the possibilities of full CGI. We asked Khyzyl if he could provide one of his models for us to work with. With this model, we would create a detailed virtual studio inspired by Thomas’s references, collaborate on the creation of a series of images in this digital set, and then grade them to perfection.
The Concept: Thomas’s reference roared and fizzed with energy for us to create his desert art space in an American landscape, an environment liminal in space, time and human intervention. The car would be set as a sculpture, with an elemental quality incorporating ideas of gold, particle collisions, sculpture and precision engineering.

The Car: Khyzyl chose a 1989/91 Porsche 944 Turbo KS combined with a 2022/23 992 GT3 RS Variant to be the centerpiece of the installation. Thomas’s vision was a car of pure gold in color: a glossy and perfect mirror finish, an outrageously extravagant paint job, full of interest with the complicated lighting.

The Studio: RECOM created a full-CGI outdoor studio as a setting for the car, complete with supports, rigging and power supply. The site has its own ecology and geology, with scrubby desert plants against a background of far mountains. These small ‘real world’ details are what’s vital in making the environment, grounding the exhilarating fantasy in a believable reality.

“Mesmerisingly beautiful interactions between particles as they collide at high speed, sending them spiraling off from their trajectories. The images chart the path of a particle, chance impacts, and ultimately, how the influence of others can permanently change their course.” Thomas Brown.

The images were ‘shot’ with a very reality-based method, according to Thomas’s usual practice. He would choose a lens and ‘walk’ around the environment just as he would in a real studio, selecting viewpoints that are coherent with the limitations. The point of view could almost be that of an art tourist, taking phone pictures of this desert installation for Instagram, but with the quality that only this attention to detail can bring.

“A roadside monument to science, energy, engineering and human creativity. Inspired by phenomena, physics, chemistry, innovation and teenage wonder. The excitement of the Gold Rush, frantic exploration and pioneering in search of fortune and the future.” Thomas Brown.
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