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news ‘Biel with an ice age ahead’ – the image campaign for hockey season 2021/22 by Inflagranti Communications, post-produced by PATRICK SALONEN on GoSee

Hockey club EHC Biel is highly respected among locals in the region surrounding the Seeland metropolis in Switzerland. Large parts of the population and businesses identify with the EHCB and consider the club an ambassador for the entire region. For them, the hockey club is more than just a team.

To get fans pepped for the new hockey season already in the middle of summer, the city was covered in what looked like a frosty ice age. Patrick SALONEN retouched the motifs for the campaign. Bringing an ice age to the city of Biel to advertise the upcoming start of the championship was the brainchild of the agency Inflagranti Communications.

These motifs served as the teaser campaign and will be continuously expanded. In charge from the agency was Creative Director Luigi del Medico. The spots were photographed by Stephan Boegli and Stefan Weber.

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