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Advertising Portrait People Reportage Animation Film

The billboard has existed for more than 03 years at Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin! I am as happy as a small child when a new idea is posted. Thanks to all supporters. We are working on some new projects and we hope it will continue next year. Here are some works by artist friends, designers, agencies and NGOs. Unfortunately I cannot list all names: Ma Raab, Jule Roschlau, Maja Seidel, Andreas Antoni, Christian Weisser, Alf Frommer, Anna Rother, Christine Coring, Thomas Joussen, Michael Preuss, Nina Preuss, Flora Wachs, glow communication, Johannes Krempl, Sebastian Wilke, Freunde fürs Leben e.V., anna weil, Claudia Wegener-Bracht, Pfeifle Design, Initiative Offene Gesellschaft e.V., Ellen Schweizer, Philip Husemann, Erik Enge, Theresa Singer, Leo Struck, Mareike Strelitz, Sham Jaff, Sonya Bobrik, BALLHAUS WEST | Agentur für Kampagnen GmbH, Imran Ayata, Alice Gittermann, Isa Soysal,TERRE DES FEMMES e. V., Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, fischerAppelt, Johanna Merensky, David Morales, Philip Bolland, Christoph Laurisch, Jonas Bartelworth,