JAAP VLIEGENTHART c/o Severin Wendeler

Additional Info // about JAAP VLIEGENTHART

Jaap is known for his riveting, brain-teasing photographs. Like a chameleon, Jaap know’s how to adjust to every situation. Whether he is flying in a helicopter to capture shots for professional skateboarder Shaun White’s video game or promoting a higher education for the Hogeschool Van Amsterdam, Jaap’s humor and enthusiasm is reflected in his work. And each of his images is certain to call for a double take.

When not working on stellar ad campaigns for huge clients like Heineken and Statoil, Jaap keeps himself busy with his personal work. His latest project, And Then it Hit Me, recreates events from his own life with an imaginative twist.

Throughout the years Jaap has won several national and international awards with both his personal and commercial work.