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SHOTVIEW  represents exclusive a diverse group of image makers working  in a range of creative disciplines with offices in Berlin, Paris, Vienna operating global representing over 35 photographers, directors, stylists, hair and make-up artists, creative directors.  Founded in 2002  - our Drive is the passion of Photography, documentary, Film, Fashion, lifestyle, photojournalism , Styling  and always inspiring People and Clients being able to connect Clienst with the perfect unique Artists that fits your creative goals and brief in different fields.  With nearly two decades to supporting Artists , our Agency is more than a traditional photography Artists agency , we grow as a creative network representing strong individual creatives realizing incredible content, images and films.
Our goal is to create a language that connects everyone, no matter where they come from, Esperanto through art and imagery so to speak, to harness diversity as an asset and see it as a gift that keeps on giving – that’s what SHOTVIEW represents and that’s what it all comes down to: recognize differences and look for the anthroposophical closeness underneath, you will not be disappointed.
We offer a full service including artists representation, clients consultancy, casting, production, events and more.