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Category  Advertising · Nude · Fashion
Location  Berlin, Paris


Category  Cosmetics · Stills · Director
Location  Paris
about // Romin Favre was born in December 1981 in the French Alps, where he spent most of his childhood surrounded by the wilderness of the countryside and the mountains. Throughout his upbringing, a...

Melisande PAGE

Category  Hair
Location  Paris
about // Melisande is a Paris-based hairstylist with over 20 years of experience. She has built her craft in London and New York. She trained at Toni & Guy Academy in Paris, and after working at one of the...

Daniel ROCHÉ

Category  Fashion · Advertising
Location  D-Land

Jacob John HARMER

Category  Fashion · Director · Advertising
Location  London
about // Jacob John Harmer Jacob John Harmer blends the intimacy of documentary filmmaking with a naturalistic yet composed cinematography. The result is a style that adapts to match its subject matter whilst amplifying the...
clients // Nike, Topshop, Levi's, Mulberry, Microsoft, Vivienne Westwood, Another and I.D-Vice & Nowness.

Erwin WURM

Category  Artist · Interior
Location  Vienna