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featured by Baker & Co : Caroline MacKintosh c/o Shotview photographs in Cape Town for the DOCUMENT JOURNAL – an editorial produced by BAKER & CO

MacKintosh c/o Shotview photographed in Cape Town for the DOCUMENT JOURNAL. Responsible for a smooth shoot were the production experts from BAKER & CO. Hair & make-up : Alet Viljoen.

The Document Journal is an independent culture, art and fashion magazine which was founded in 2012 in New York. It appears every two years in spring and fall, is printed in book form and sold worldwide. GoSee : bakerandco.tv
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Tereza MUNDILOVÁ c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographs the Fashion Students In The Class Of Grace Wales Bonner for DAZED

Dazed, represented by writer & Creative Producer Alexandra Bondi de Antoni, writes : “As the British designer rounds off her first year of teaching at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, we meet her debut cohort of designers – feat. witchy ceremonies, Bosnian petrol heads, and blood-splattered dresses.”

Tereza MUNDILOVÁ c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographed the article about the emerging international fashion talents trained at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Grace Wales Bonner (born 1992) is a British fashion designer whose work : “... addresses the politics of identity, sexuality, and race through projects that delicately balance multinationalism with a sense of personal subjectivity.”

Her designs are marked by a blend of sportswear and high-end tailoring with the intention of making everyday clothing, such as a track suit, a bit more elegant. In 2014, she founded London-based label Wales Bonner, which was initially specialized in menswear. The multiple award-winning designer, for whom research and analysis are essential, was voted No. 41 on the Dazed 100 List in 2017. 

The designs presented here, portrayed by Tereza MUNDILOVÁ c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management, came from Niko Markovic, Hvala Ilija, Alessandro Santi and Cody Klippel. Styling: Angie Shahira Pohl. GoSee : dieangewandte.at & dazeddigital.com/////fashion-designer-students-grace-wales-bonner & walesbonner.net & shotview.com
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