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news SLANTED MAGAZINE presents its 40th issue on the topic of ‘Experimental Type’ plus a limited special edition with three type stencils to draw your own experimental letters

By making experiments, we gain experience and knowledge. Experiments broaden our horizon, let us enter into the undiscovered, and feed our lust for more. With Slanted Magazine #40 – ‘Experimental Type’, Slanted opens eight doors, each offering a glimpse into spaces that were explored by pushing conventions, limitations, and thoughts to the next level.

‘Tactile Realism’ shows works with tactile character, adding material properties to the typeface. The ‘Anti-Reader-Friendly’ typography becomes the “readymade” of the type world – and in doing so, a form of denying the possibility of defining art. In the area of ‘Deliberate Imperfection & Serendipity’, disassembly and assembly of typeface leads to new discoveries. While ‘Coincidence & Intention’ brings the randomness of the accidental into the design process and explores works based on mistakes and inaccuracies. The ‘Ever-Changing’ room showcases experiments of kinetic typography breaking away from its static state by adding movement...

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