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Karine & Oliver photograph for SPRÜNGLI – with image motifs post-produced by STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN

Chocolate delight photographed by Karine & Oliver for the Swiss schoggi experts from SPRÜNGLI – a pioneer in chocolate production who has helped to shape the good reputation of Swiss chocolate worldwide. Manufacturing chocolate is nothing special nowadays: by contrast, creating constantly new, uniquely indulgent experiences takes rare expertise.

Precisely what SPRÜNGLI stands for to this day : Reinventing chocolate delight each and every day. “From the legendary truffes du jour and a wide range of praline creations to grand cru truffles made from the finest cocoa varieties, we are constantly reinventing chocolate all over again – and continue to do so every day.”

More than 180 years ago, David Sprüngli founded Confiserie Sprüngli together with his son Rudolf. What started out as a small confectioner’s shop in Zurich’s old town has become a magnificent company with a national presence and international reach. Today, Confiserie Sprüngli is among the most renowned confectioneries in Europe and the most successful family businesses in Switzerland.

Haptic post production of the chocolaty image motifs was in the hands of STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN. GoSee :
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Outstanding looks in image editing, CGI for still and motion – STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN now part of the new 617 digital network

617 digital : “If a picture is worth a thousand words, could our reputable works fill entire libraries? Possibly, yes. Let’s say you wanted to utilize our entire experience, would you have to pay for the infamous overhead? Definitely not. That’s the benefit of our special constellation! We are independent of each other but are all available whenever you need us. For outstanding looks in image editing, CGI – in stills and motion for campaigns and editorials, photographers, creative agencies, and B2B direct clients.” GoSee :
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“What a Life” is the title of the biography of fashion designer Uta Raasch – with a cover and spread post-produced by STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN

“What a Life” is the title of Uta Raasch’s autobiography. The path in life of the fashion designer from Düsseldorf has been a journey through 40 years of fashion history but also a lesson in the emancipation of women and the thrilling story of a female entrepreneur, mother and wife who was blessed by success and had to experience what it means to lose everything.

It all began in the fall of 1978: Uta Raasch already had two small children when she presented her first Uta Raasch collection at the Igedo in Düsseldorf in spring of the same year – lace tops and little costumes made of evening fabrics to wear during the day. Three decades of soaring success were to follow until the dramatic fall came in 1996 when the company hit rock bottom. Uta was forced to realize: “I have lost everything.”
But this is far from the end of her story: What then follows is an encouraging and incessantly topical account of a meanwhile 70-year-old woman who has picked herself back up and continuously reinvented herself to start a successful career with TV broadcaster QVC. The richly illustrated autobiography was written by bestselling author Dorothee Achenbach.

Photographer Beate Hansen portrayed Uta Raasch in various different situations. And even the ballet spread featuring couture from Uta Raasch is from Beate Hansen – all post-produced by STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN.

Uta Raasch – What a Life. Authors: Uta Raasch, Dorothee Achenbach . 240 pages . 24.6 x 30.4 cm . Hardcover . German . Publishing House: J. S. Klotz Verlagshaus . ISBN-10: 3948424233 ISBN-13: 9783948424237 . 49.90 EUR .
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