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STILLSTARS is a pure still life agency with a carefully chosen portfolio of top still life photographers & stylists. We offer a wide range of stilllife photographical expressions to international clients. There is a STILLSTARS photographer for every kind of job.

Our clients are out of every branch like : beauty, fashion & accessories, jewellery, interior, food, tablewear, liquids, technique, architecture & landscapes up to automotive and industry. Each photographer represented by STILLSTARS has his own visual creative expression combined with technical perfection. The shootings of our clients are handled with utmost care. It is always a collaboration between clients expectations and creative visions of the photographer and his team. STILLSTARS is a full representation service for still life photographers in terms of marketing activities, client acquisitions, production handling, contract service, budgeting and invoicehandling. With STILLSTARS PRODUCTION we care about all aspects of shooting handling including, organization, castings of locations/models, team artbuying as well as schedule and budget controlling. Always in focus that the production runs smoothly for all team members.