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'WARM NORDIC' Breathtaking paintings with light. Lars Ranek c/o STILLSTARS at his finest for Warm Nordic & MEET STILLSTARS at UPDATE18BERLIN
Lars Ranek c/o STILLSTARS / born in 1963, based in Copenhagen/ has been a professional advertising and commercial photographer since 1989. He established his own company Lars Ranek A/S in 1992 and is today an independent photography specialising in food and interior photography.

MEET STILLSTARS at UPDATE18BERLIN ! STILLSTARS is a pure still life agency with a carefully chosen portfolio of top still life photographers & stylists. We offer a wide range of stilllife photographical expressions to international clients. There is a STILLSTARS photographer for every kind of job. Our clients are out of every branch like: beauty, fashion & accessories, jewellery, interior, food, tablewear, liquids, technique, architecture & landscapes up to automotive and industry.

Each photographer & stylist represented by STILLSTARS has his own visual creative expression combined with technical perfection. The shootings of our clients are handled with utmost care. It is always a collaboration between clients expectations and creative visions of the photographer and his team. © // 0 files show complete blog