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featured by UPDATE-23-BERLIN : Doors open today! UPDATE-23-BERLIN ! We’ll see you on Thursday, 25 May, at Telegraphenamt, Berlin Mitte

It’s time : Exhibitors from around the world are on their way to Berlin. From South Africa and Los Angeles, from Mexico and Stockholm, from Warsaw and Paris, from London and Vienna, … Suitcases are being packed everywhere, artwork is being loaded onto computers, giveaways tucked away. We know what we’re talking about – we’re doing the same. The excitement is growing, the anticipation is great.

A little reminder : online registration closes on Tuesday. If you decide to come at the spur of the moment and your business card says AD, CD, client or marketing, art producing or art buying on it – then you can stop by our UPDATE spontaneously.

Awaiting creative visitors are a good 60 agencies. We hope to see you all in Berlin.

UPDATE . 25 May, 2023 . Hotel Telegraphenamt . Doors open at 12 noon . UPDATE.Salon
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VISIONS’ – personal work by still life specialist Claudia GÖDKE c/o STILLSTARS

“Simply breathtaking personal visions of one our most gifted at Stillstars: Claudia Gödke.” STILLSTARS.

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Maciek MILOC c/o STILLSTARS photographs for Scottish whisky distillery AUCHENTOSHAN

“Maciek Miloch meets Mondrian in his latest brilliant campaign for Scottish legacy boutique distiller Auchentoshan.” STILLSTARS.

Auchentoshan, built around 1800 by John Bulloch and today part of the Beam Suntory family, is a whisky distillery based in Dalmuir in the district of West Dunbartonshire in the west of Scotland and is known for its single malt Scotch whisky. Today, it is one of the last of its kind still in operation in the Central Lowlands.

Beam Suntory is a spirits manufacturer headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company belongs to the Japanese beverage manufacturer Suntory. Beam Suntory was created when Suntory purchased spirits company Beam Inc. in April 2014 for 13.6 billion US dollars. Analysts estimate the company annual revenue at around 5.2 billion US dollars, making Beam Suntory the third largest spirits manufacturer in the world.

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