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‘Creating indoor lounge magic in an outdoor space’ NORR11 Outdoor collection, photographed by Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS

Imagine an outdoor scenario in which you would want to remain seated. In which you are leaning back and having a good time, hoping the moment will last forever – simply because of the atmosphere and a feeling of pure pleasure and comfort in the air…” Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS staged the new outdoor collection from NORR11.

NORR11 creates timeless pieces at the cutting-edge of design. Driven by the desire to challenge boundaries between time periods, design directions, cultures and materials, NORR11 is dedicated to crafting pieces with character while balancing form, function and comfort.
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GLAMOUR jewelry special by Wolf-Dieter BÖTTCHER c/o STILLSTARS

For a new elegant high jewelry special, GLAMOUR Germany teamed up with Editor Theresa Pichler and stills specialist Wolf-Dieter BÖTTCHER. We have the fruity result for you on GoSee.
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ECKERLE men’s fashion with elegant prop styling / set design by Birgit Ehrlicher c/o STILLSTARS

For ECKERLE and photographer Magnus Lechner, Birgit Ehrlicher c/o STILLSTARS was in charge of the springlike prop styling and set design for the latest campaign (videographer: Robin Scherm). Centrally located in the most important cities of Germany, ECKERLE presents a selection of men’s fashion collections from more than 100 brands.

With her highly qualified background and great devotion to her craft, multifaceted designer and stylist Birgit Ehrlicher, with 15 years of experience, brilliantly combines scenography, interior design and styling.
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