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Photo Agency · Transportation · Retouch
Copenhagen, Borås
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news featured by Rockenfeller & Göbels POLESTAR ‘O₂’ – the reinvention of a sports car – photographed by Patrik JOHÄLL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS

The thrill of electric performance. As an electric roadster concept, the POLESTAR O₂ is redefining the sports car : No roof, no noise, no fumes. Patrik JOHÄLL c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS staged the O₂ – with an exterior clearly influenced by aerospace design, both aesthetically and aerodynamically – in a clean look with modern flair.

Der POLESTAR O₂ picks up right where the design language established with the Polestar Precept left off, creating a new premium performance paradigm as an all-electric roadster. A unique two-door convertible concept which merges art with technology.

Also on the team of Patrik JOHÄLL were Producer Jennie Engborg, Executive Producer Anna Johall, and Gabrielle Greet / Superstudio for post production.

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