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News // 13 News by Sven Jacobsen

SVEN JACOBSEN films a reportage about skateboarders - for which the city becomes a playground and skateboarding as a philosophy of life

Photographer and Director SVEN JACOBSEN filmed a reportage about skateboarders. With his keen eye for detail and dynamic, he has succeeded in capturing the very nature of skateboarding culture – letting the skaters tell their own story through authentic imagery. The reportage is not first and foremost about the skaters’ athletic abilities but instead more about their passion and the way of life skateboarding represents for them.

“For skateboarders, it is not a sport; it’s more of a path through life. I wanted to get to the bottom of what’s so fascinating about it,” Sven tells GoSee. He produced the project together with Mine Uludag.
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featured by nu projects : ‘ASTRA HELLES – Got a problem with it?’ – Sven Jacobsen photographs the campaign for the cheeky beer from Hamburg, produced by NU PROJECTS

German beer brand ASTRA belongs to the Holsten Brewery, which in turn is a subsidiary of Danish brewery Carlsberg. It’s famous for its witty ads – or, as Astra would put it: cheeky visuals that kinda come with the neighborhood.

The latest campaign was photographed by SVEN JACOBSEN for the agency Philipp und Keuntje. It was produced by Hamburg-based production company NU PROJECTS.

The campaign advertises the beer type Astra Helles. Or as Astra calls it : “ASTRA’s little freedom: milder, than the neighborhood will stand for. This golden-yellow wonder goes with: Elbe Beach, almost Fridays, and all the little freedoms found in the St. Pauli district. Shamelessly mild with 5.1% alcohol. Got a problem with it?”

Nu projects is a photo production company that specializes in realizing photo shoots and organizing them from A to Z : “Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to making sure your production is flawless down to the very last detail – from location scouting to casting, scheduling, and communication with everyone involved.”

Client - Astra / Carlsberg
Photographer - Sven Jacobsen
Agent - Bransch / Jochen Hoops
Agency - Philipp und Keuntje
Head of Art Buying - Karen Schwarzer
Post Production - PuK Studios
Styling - Tina Bornmann
H&M - Nino Allegro
Model - Cecil Arp and others
Modeling Agency - Misfit Models Germany / Wondercast
Production - Nu Projects

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Hot, Spicy & Honest’ - an editorial with model and influencer Leslie Malso by SVEN JACOBSEN

Photographer SVEN JACOBSEN presents us his spread with the charismatic Leslie Malso here on GoSee. The photos turned out as could only be expected: young, spontaneous, spirited and brimming with joie de vivre. Just your everyday glamour laced with a little laid-back sexuality.

Leslie is a model, influencer – and also tries her hand at art. How she’d most likely describe herself in four words? Impulsive, dynamic, emotional & romantic. And when she’s not on the road somewhere for work, she is at home in Hamburg studying sociology.

Nino Allegre was in charge of hair & makeup for the spread, with styling by Tina Bornemann.
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