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The Athletic Coup introduces its Sonic Logo
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The Athletic Coup: Untold Stories Of Athletes And Niche Sports From Around The World -    The Athletic Coup announces the start of the festival in Athens, Greece, with the first edition taking place at the Technopolis Amphitheater on May 21, 2024.
  The Athletic Coup introduces its Sonic Logo   Learn about the beautiful story of how The Athletic Coup's Sonic Logo came to life - Composed by Paralympic Swimmer Damian Pietrasik and Sonic Signature Prodigy Nina Anto   “The city has a sound I remember well,” says Damian Pietrasik, who represented Poland at the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, Greece, which is now home to The Athletic Coup festival. Damian is a blind composer, pianist and sound engineer, and a Paralympic swimmer. He is part of myAUDIOSIGN, which is a collective of sonic signature Wunderkinder, founded by pianist, composer, and music producer Nina Anto.

“It needs drums,” Damian said, and referred to a progressive sound for Athens, and also a classic, raw one, leveraged in Olympic opening ceremonies.

The two of them got together in Damian’s studio in Warsaw to produce the Sonic Logo for The Athletic Coup.

Nina Anto, who traveled in from her current home in Los Angeles, watched the festival’s award-winning documentaries and feature films on the flight to Europe. She says: “What I picked up from these experiences when watching was that what’s really important in all of them is - the journey and emphasizing the process and emotional experiences over just outcomes.

Another inspiration became the word 'persistence’, if you want to become an athlete you need to show up everyday and keep doing what you love, same for us musicians - we understand that well, we need to show up everyday to our practice. This festival is a unique and important celebration, and I wanted the athletes, filmmakers, organizers and the audience to feel special when hearing the sound logo. What a joy to be a part of this wonderful initiative called The Athletic Coup!"

Nina Anto added: “Our goal became clear. It was to emphasize this quality of a journey, persistence but also motivation, and passion that’s often bigger than every obstacle on the way.”

The Athletic Coup’s sonic logo features a layered drum arrangement symbolizing the interaction of mind, body, and soul, accompanied by the claps of joyful loved ones—steady, yet in motion.

Read the full story and an interview with Damian Pietrasik at coupfilmfest.com/2024/the-athletic-coup-introduces-its-sonic-logo