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Cinema Verde To Stream 70+ Festival Films About Environmentalism
- International Environmental Film+Arts Festival in its 13th edition marks the launch as a streaming platform for environmental films -

Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival in its 13th edition is just around the corner, in a virtual edition that reaches people globally, taking us on an eye opening journey to the real state of the world. 70+ festival films have been carefully selected by their investigative nature, and bring together the insightful and captivating work of award-winning and indie environmental film makers.
The selection process is spearheaded by veteran environmental journalist and Cinema Verde director Trish Riley. The festival films will be available to watch online throughout the film festival from Feb. 12-14, 2022, and mark the launch of Cinema Verde as a streaming platform, providing continuous access to a film database that speaks to our sense of being, collected throughout 13 years of Cinema Verde.
Cinema Verde film festival Feb. 12-14, 2022
From the festival selection:
12th HOUR, directed by Susan Kucera
Much of our population currently lives with hopeful delusions about climate change. These delusions, many of which are built in by evolution, hamper our ability to meaningfully address the problem. 
Emmy-nominated actor David Morse narrates the brutally honest 12th hour with insight from noted evolutionary biologists, climate scientists, cognitive researchers and psychologists.
Mauna: A Portal To The Universe, directed by Riley Brunner
Plans to build the Thirty Meter Telescope on the summit of the sacred Mauna Kea sparks another battle in a decades-long struggle between Indigenous Hawaiians and astronomers.
ARICA, directed by Lars Edman, William Johansson
A Swedish mining giant dumps hazardous waste in Arica in northern Chile. Subsequently thousands of inhabitants are damaged.
Now the survivors are seeking justice in a groundbreaking transnational corporate accountability trial.
CO2? CO-Nee! directed By Joep van Dijk
Joep van Dijk is a passionate climate scientist. He likes to search for extreme examples that show how life can be lived sustainably. This documentary follows Joep on his CO2-neutral journey from Amsterdam to the United States of America and shows how this choice inspires himself and others to live a climate conscious life.
See the announcement of the festival screenings here: https://www.cinemaverde.org/events/2022-film-festival
Tune in to nature: Cinema Verde is available now as a streaming platform, offering 13 years of film festival solutions to the ever-growing amount of environmental conflicts.
Watch movies like the one of Claudia Adams - a woman who was close to dying. Something invisible was harming her, but no one would believe her. Using a 2007 SONY Handycam, she began filming herself with the intention of providing clues to the coroner.  Over the course of six months of filming, she discovered that she had poisoned herself with dry-cleaning solvent she had brought home in her wool blankets. When she regained her strength, she turned the footage into her "deathbed documentary," which premiered at Cinema Verde. Dry-Clean Only paved Claudia's way to becoming an award-winning filmmaker who has since produced three films, two of which qualified for Oscars.
"Cinema Verde as a streaming platform provides the opportunity for awareness - A passport to see how the world is connected even from afar, and what you overlook every day right outside your own front door," says Film Director Trish Riley, adding, "The goal is to inspire a collaborative spirit and commitment to a healthy future."
Cinema Verde is available through one-day passes ($5), a monthly pass ($10) or at an annual membership of $60 at CinemaVerde.org.
Spread love for nature, animals and the world overall: Select the gift membership at checkout to send your loved one access to Cinema Verde.
“Fish and plant sex will be the only PG-13 content at this year’s Cinema Verde International Environmental Film & Arts Festival.”- Alligator.org
Cinema Verde is funded in part by Visit Gainesville, Alachua County and by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.
Cinema Verde is a Florida not-for-profit corporation designated as a 501(c)(3) public charity by the IRS: Contributions are tax deductible. Solicitation License# CH33749. Thank you for your support! 

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Valef Yachts, Greece: The Wellness Retreat Experience On Luxury Yacht Charters In 2022
Valef Yachts welcomes wellness seekers in Greece with a holistic approach to rejuvenation.
“Defined living is about health and wellness, and we treat the yachting journey like a wellness retreat for recreation,” Alexandra Lefakinis, one of two sisters that are managing partners in the family business explains.
The high-end wellness approach seeks to support guests in reconnecting with their mind, body and spirit. “While guests feel truly liberated as they soak in the peace that the sea offers, on its own, we built on that abundance of raw nature,” her sister Kassandra Lefakinis says.
A first introduction to the splendor of Greek bounty awaits guests in their onboard welcome basket of Greek products individually selected for each charter group. “A favorite is Mastiha, a liqueur made from resin exclusively harvested on the island of Chios. It is a fantastic digestif with positive effects on oral health,” Kassandra explains.
Personalized Menus
Organic and locally sourced produce is carefully prepared by onboard master chefs for personalized menus according to individual dietary needs and desires. “The Mediterranean diet is a sought-after ‘no fuss’ detox,” says Alexandra and adds: “Guests immerse into the Greek culture with local dishes that are based on fresh fish, wild herbs, and seasonal fruits such as the East Mediterranean figs that are only available in August.”
Onboard Spa
Valef Yachts offers the finest fleet of chartered yachts in Greece and the Mediterranean. The contemporary and vintage yachts of today are equipped with sumptuous onboard spa facilities ranging from jacuzzis, massage and therapy rooms, steam rooms and saunas, to be complemented by personal fitness and yoga instructors and private wellness therapists who come on board from various islands. 
Sea Toys
With private scuba instructors, guests dive into the abundance of aquatic beauty and get mesmerized by underwater life and ruins. The crew assists in displaying a wide range of sea sports from the swim platform of the yachts such as paddle boarding and kayaking. The yachts come with sea toys such as wakeboards, sea bobs and jet skis “not only for entertainment, but to release endorphins,” Kassandra says. Amongst the favorite of the youngest guests, who are carefully looked after and pampered by the crew, is the inflatable yacht slide.
Freedom of Discovery
“We cater to discovery, and our guests become explorers who enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom that comes with it,” Kassandra Lefakinis says. 

First-time charterers gravitate towards motor yachts due to their speed and space which typically means more onboard facilities and opportunities for more recreational activities, and comfort.

The Valef Yachts team recommends the dynamic motor yacht AQUILA to enjoy new adventures in sea sports with recreational equipment such as Kymera, an electronic body board which lets you glide on the water. Ample space on the sun deck of the motor yacht MI ALMA allows for a sunset yoga session under the gaze of ancient Greek temples, followed by continued relaxation in the on-deck jacuzzi.
Natural Healing Spots
The heritage company Valef Yachts, Greece’s very first luxury yacht charter to open business back in 1969, holds the best kept secrets to drop anchor in Greece.

“Singular landscapes with natural healing properties are amongst the favorites of our guests,” Alexandra reveals. 

In Milos with its numerous hot thermal springs all over the island, guests can take a bath and enjoy the benefits of this natural wonder that stimulates circulation, reduces stress and pain, and even promotes sleep. In the hot springs of Pali Kameni in Santorini, a dip in the rich green waters with sulfurous mud soothes aching joints and calms the skin.

Valef Yachts offers the unadulterated charm of the Mediterranean.

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Natascha von Hirschhausen launches #WasteLessFuture jewelry collection
- zero-waste fashion brand introduces recycled jewelry collection - 
The fair and sustainable jewelry collection “#WasteLessFuture” by German zero-waste fashion brand Natascha von Hirschhausen was launched today.
Find your new favorite recycled jewelry piece handmade by artisans fair-trade in India. The collection can be seen and ordered online at https://nataschavonhirschhausen.com/collections/wastelessfuture-jewelry
Zero-waste fashion designer Natascha von Hirschhausen is dedicated to creating pieces that are valuable in every sense of the word. Creating beautiful minimalist pieces, that last for a lifetime, while supporting artisans in India. To create this recycled jewelry collection, the brand partnered with a non-profit fairtrade organization in India that provides sustainable livelihood opportunity for marginalized artisans:
For the non-profit organization with 40 artisan groups in 16 states of India it is important to create an environmentally friendly production process and use sustainable raw materials to respect the environment. By ensuring safe working conditions and fair wages, the production site helps to rebuild a local infrastructure. Through that, the production of each piece of jewelry contributes to empower artisans by providing them sustainable growth opportunities, health care, education and infrastructure.
It is more important than ever to support the artisans, because the global lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic has induced recession in India which has pushed 75 million additional people below the poverty line and even further away from access to healthcare, education, gender equality and economic participation. This disparity is particularly strong in the context of fashion. Artisans and weavers are the third largest segment among the poor, have faced continued livelihood breakdowns even before the pandemic, now either earning less than in 2019 or lost source of income completely.
The gender-fluid jewelry collection by Natascha von Hirschhausen is made of pure, recycled silver. It includes earrings, from everyday creoles to modern, minimalist statement-pieces, geometric rings and sleek statement-necklaces.
Due to production capacity in the small production site, most of the items are available for pre-order. But the everyday creoles and the statement necklace "wasteless future" will be manufactured just in time before holiday season and are the perfect fair trade Christmas gift. The pieces are not only for everyone to wear; These pieces are also for the people who made them, and what is better for Christmas than a beautiful accessory with positive social impact?
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