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news featured by Double T Photographers Information Instead of Prejudice – Maximilian König c/o Double T Photographers shoots the INITIATIVE ENDLICH campaign, aimed at educating about the use of cannabis for medical purposes

Neon green large-format posters are plastered all over Germany for the INITIATIVE ENDLICH, which is about the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. For which actor Wotan Wilke Möhring and singer Vanessa Mai both posed for the camera of Max KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers.

On 1 April, cannabis was partially legalized in Germany. A decisive step just as much for medical cannabis patients : “Our initiative ENDLICH is aimed at challenging taboos and encouraging discourse based on facts – together with public figures from the areas of medicine, sports & culture, we would like to enable an objective, fact-based dialogue about the medical benefits and possibilities of medical cannabis therapy,” is the basic idea behind the campaign.

The initiative was started by Matthias von Bechtolsheim from the agency HEIMAT, which is also coordinating the campaign. “With our campaign, we wanted to rid the public discourse of prejudices and make it less complicated for patients to gain access to...

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