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news featured by Terence du Fresne HOMININAE HELVETICA’ – an art project by Studio Thom Pfister and TERENCE DU FRESNE to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Bernese guild society ‘zum Affen’

‘Homininae Helvetica’ was created on commission of Studio Thom Pfister and Burgerliche Ersparniskasse (BEK) for the 700th anniversary of the guild society ‘zum Affen’. The elaborate photo montage unites the themes of Bern, the stonemason handicraft and monkeys. Idea, concept, photography, and retouching/compositing all came from TERENCE DU FRESNE.

The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is one of the thirteen ancient craftsman societies and guilds (guild society of stonemasons and engravers) in the city of Bern and a corporation under public law guaranteed by the constitution of the canton of Bern. The guildhall is located on Kramgasse 5 in Bern’s old town district and can be immediately recognized by the red monkey on the facade. The guild society ‘zum Affen’ is mentioned in historical sources for the first time as a fraternity of stonemasons in the year 1321 and is therefore one of the oldest guild societies of the city of Bern and in Switzerland.

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