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THOM PFISTER – SWISS GRAPHIC DESIGN celebrates the work of creative directors & curators on 500 pages and presents the wonderful versatility and creative power of the designer (Sturm & Drang Publishing)

Thom Pfister is currently one of the most creative graphic designers in Europe. His works are of incredible beauty, cleverly staged and always with a reference to the world of art or fashion. International brands seek the signature of the Swiss designer,” VOGUE describes the Creative Director. He has been successful in branding and advertising for well-known brands for over 25 years, has helped to coin the term Swiss Graphic Design, has brought cultural workers together and inspired them to create new works. And now a book has been published with his most exciting work.

In a personal selection, the book SWISS GRAPHIC DESIGN is dedicated to the works that emerged from these encounters between photography, illustration and art. It shows the legendary style of the designer, in constant engagement with fashion and art, in a memorable way. The book is available directly from publishing house Sturm & Drang.

Here is an excerpt : “His works are the product of honesty and a concentrated narrative force. At times direct and forceful, at others subtle and delicate. Always with a nuanced narrative which itself seeks a correspondingly multilayered interpretation. Readers who engage with the work and dive below its surface will likely find a meaningfulness that can be penetrating. This only works because Thom devotes himself to its design with such enthusiasm, curiosity and passion, examining the images’ contents with great care and attentiveness. Here, the imperfect is sought out, staged and becomes the stylistic device. Even though it may seem otherwise, it is rare that something is left to coincidence. Precisely this aesthetic of imperfection can be an irritant here and there. Thom layers and overlays visual elements designed using various techniques with masterly confidence. This striking style and powerful imagery distinguish him both as a graphic designer as well as an artist.”

For several months now, Thom has operated STUDIO THOM PFISTER in Bern together with Ursula Rytz, former ComMix Managing Director. The brand and marketing communication agency for branding, advertising, digital and design develops unique, holistic experiences. Before the merger with ComMix, Thom Pfister worked for renowned Swiss and international agencies including Tomato, McCann-Erickson, Studio Achermann, Komet, Contexta, and Branders.

On his website, you can see the LEVI’S image campaign to promote Levi’s Stores. Making a big splash are his campaigns for the brand ‘Melanie JeanRichard – Mediterranean Flowers’.

First edition 2021, 600 copies, softcover, Munken Pure, 300 gm2, 4 pages with 2 flaps
240 x 330 mm 496 pages, RecyStar Nature, 80 gm2
Design and editing by Thom Pfister
ISBN 978-3-906822-41-9, SFr. 68.00
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