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About Osterberger Creative Production

Thorsten Osterberger, who grew up in idyllic southern Germany, is working and living in Munich and Berlin at the moment.
Currently he is working as a beauty and fashion editor for, rampstyle, Cover, Business Vogue and Gala Men. His passion is to create extraordinary still lives with beautiful objects that draw the viewer in magnetically through their sheer deliciousness.
Besides his work as an editor, stylist and producer for still lives, people and fashion productions, he is also developing magazines, consulting luxury lifestyle brands and organizing fashion shows and events.
He gained work experience at the design studio of Vivienne Westwood in London, where he had already been working earlier during his fashion studies. After assisting at the Marketing Department of the Departmentstore Quartier 206, Berlins most exclusive shopping temple, he started working as a fashion and beauty editor for exclusive lifestyle magazines such as Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Donna, Musikexpress, SZ-Magazin, Quality and L’Officiel Hommes in a constant quest for beauty and elegance.
In 2008 he won the best fragrance presentation award in the “Premium”category for his perfume-production with photographer Attila Hartwig in Maxim. Another photo-production with photographer Alescha Birkenholz for Musikexpress already saw him nominated for the Lead Award 2009.
Thorsten Osterberger is also the sole agent of illustrator Kera Till, whose charming drawings grace, amongst others, the website of french confectioners Ladurée and munich delicatessen Kaefer. Please follow her work on her Blog on Vogue: