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news featured by ICONIC ECSTASY out now – ICONIC Models MADELEINE & COSIMA FRITZ as well as CHIARA are celebrating TUSH Magazine #49 on GoSee.NEWS

“Being moved out of the normal, entering a heightened state with intensified feelings : that’s our ecstasy. More vibrancy, more color, more light, more shadow, more expression. We exaggerate to inspire and form a new reality. Past, present, future – we merge it all to create our very own now. With beauty at the center of all stories, we retell the plot of lipstick, eyeshadow, perfumery, faces and bodies, unseen and unread, a new exploration in aesthetics.

With a pulsating set up of protagonists and professionals, we were able to make TUSH 49 shine brighter than ever before – with photographers Domen & Van De Velde and Armin Morbach, exclusive collaborations with Mugler and Givenchy, and artists such as Llyod Simmonds and Bo Quinn. Enjoy this beauty trip.” says TUSH Magazine about the new issue #49 ECSTASY.

We are delighted to present you ICONIC Models MADELEINE and COSIMA FRITZ as well as CHIARA with their ECSTASY motifs here on GoSee.NEWS.

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