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featured by ICONIC : ECSTASY out now – ICONIC Models MADELEINE & COSIMA FRITZ as well as CHIARA are celebrating TUSH Magazine #49 on GoSee.NEWS

“Being moved out of the normal, entering a heightened state with intensified feelings : that’s our ecstasy. More vibrancy, more color, more light, more shadow, more expression. We exaggerate to inspire and form a new reality. Past, present, future – we merge it all to create our very own now. With beauty at the center of all stories, we retell the plot of lipstick, eyeshadow, perfumery, faces and bodies, unseen and unread, a new exploration in aesthetics.

With a pulsating set up of protagonists and professionals, we were able to make TUSH 49 shine brighter than ever before – with photographers Domen & Van De Velde and Armin Morbach, exclusive collaborations with Mugler and Givenchy, and artists such as Llyod Simmonds and Bo Quinn. Enjoy this beauty trip.” says TUSH Magazine about the new issue #49 ECSTASY.

We are delighted to present you ICONIC Models MADELEINE and COSIMA FRITZ as well as CHIARA with their ECSTASY motifs here on GoSee.NEWS.
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featured by GoSee FASHION : SEIDENSTICKER, AUDI, TAGESSPIEGEL, ... and the spread ‘Love me Gender’ on the topic of gender fluidity – Hamburg-based stylist CLAUDIA SCHOLTAN with works and an interview in our GoSee.NEWS - STYLIST SPECIAL

After studying Marketing and Communication in Hamburg, Claudia Scholtan interned for a renowned fashion photographer, where she discovered her passion for styling with far reaching consequences. She began her styling career as a fashion assistant for the magazine Brigitte, followed by a position as Fashion Editor at MAXI and Elle. She then worked as Assistant Fashion Director for TUSH magazine. Since 2007, Claudia Scholtan has worked as a freelance fashion and advertising stylist and consultant in all corners of the globe from her base in Hamburg.

We present you the latest campaign for SEIDENSTICKER styled by Claudia Scholtan featuring model Esther Heesch and Aleksandar Rusic, photographed by Lea Wormsbach plus a wonderful AUDI campaign, also styled by Claudia. And we interviewed her on the latest topics for our STYLIST SPECIAL.

Is sustainability in fashion an issue in Hamburg?
Sustainability is an issue in Hamburg, of course. Unfortunately, what was once such a wonderful handicraft has given way to global mass production since the 1990s. Fast Fashion! Which is why it is great that we are now experiencing a countertrend like that in Hamburg, where many stores are trying to carry only sustainable eco-lines or support sustainable labels in stores. For my jobs, I always try to work consciously and sustainably.

Which labels are on your radar?
My labels to watch at the moment are, and And I can hardly wait to see the new collection from Phoebe Philo (she has announced the launch of her own label in January 2022 with LVMH as a minority investor) and BALENCIAGA.

Has Covid changed fashion? 
Due to mandatory work in home office, fashion has become very relaxed (sweat pants and tights, sneakers…). Interest in new business clothes has almost been forgotten for the time being. The fact that events are not taking place also plays a major role, and there is absolutely no recognition. We are unfortunately living in unglamorous times. But Corona will hopefully lead to fundamental changes in how we see the existing systems. The fashion industry is in need of a radical transformation.

Everyone is talking about the term gender fluidity at the moment – is it relevant for fashion? 
Absolutely, and it’s nothing new for me. Where else would this topic be relevant if not in fashion? I have realized gender-neutral or androgynous fashion productions for magazines again and again. Fashion is the perfect platform to do so. The market for gender-fluid fashion is growing. Brands that come to mind are Devon Yan or Marc Jacobs – he was among the first to design a collection for non-binary gender identity. I am glad that we live in a country where freedom of speech is valued. On this topic, I can show you the beautiful spread from TUSH (2009) entitled ‘Love me Gender’ by photographer Ralph Mecke and I with model Bartosz Borowiec (hair: Stelli, make-up: Loni Baur).

Claudia Scholtan is represented by KLAUS STIEGEMEYER, Hamburg. GoSee :
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