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news featured by GoSee ART Steve McCurry: Devotion - the new book of photos by the Magnum photographer (Prestel Publishing) explores human spirituality in all its diversity and beauty

I think the best photos stay with you; they’re something that you can’t forget. The ones that tell a story, … that evoke some emotion.” Steve McCurry replied when asked what makes a good photo during the presentation of his new book on 14 November, 2023 at the Amerikahaus in Munich.

Steve McCurry’s photographs reflect his passionate exploration into the complex and multilayered nature of the human being. Of all contemporary photographers, he is perhaps the one with the most extensive archive, having captured human existence in all its facets.

His most recent work focuses on the spiritual dimension of the human experience and presents sensitive images themed upon faith and belief, devotion and dedication, loyalty and faithfulness – basic values lived and cultivated in all cultures and religions of the world. In this opulent book of impressive photographs, McCurry explores an essential core of human existence as well as the universal longing to discover meaning in the midst of...

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