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news BE HER VOICE - Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS presents two photos at the exhibition dedicated to Mahsa Amini in Milan

Be Her Voice – 16 September, 2022, was the one year anniversary of the death of Iranian student Mahsa Amini. The two photos presented here on GoSee.News were shot by Matteo BERTOLIO c/o VISUALEYES ARTISTS and were on display at an exhibition in Milan. Giving cause to the exhibition are the horrific conditions that continue to exist in Iran. Women are increasingly exposed to repressive measures in the Islamic republic.

Jina Masha Amini was brutally murdered in police custody – the reason for her arrest : She allegedly violated the country’s headscarf law. This was followed by nationwide protests. The regime reacted with a vicious crackdown, and thousands of Iranian women were arrested and are still being put into prison as a consequence.

The first name Jina means ‘life’, a word etymologically related to the Kurdish words for ‘woman’ (Jin) and ‘freedom’ (Jiyan) with which it shares a common root. Echoing this is he originally Kurdish, then Pan-Iranian chant of protest ‘Woman, Life,...

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