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news featured by les Artists by Josef Stockinger ‘Symmetry Is Average - Details Make You Special’ beauty motifs for aesthetic specialist Dr. Julia Czechner with hair & make-up by Tamara KRANER c/o les Artists by Josef Stockinger

Munich-based aesthetic specialist DR. JULIA CZECHNER - AESTHETIC MEDICINE has a brand new look. The beauty motifs were photographed by Thomas VON AAGH c/o LILA, and hair & make-up were taken care of by Tamara KRANER c/o les ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger.

As a former fashion model, the physician knows the world of aesthetics like the back of her hand: “My priority is to see a person as a whole. My aesthetic focus is on creating natural and harmonious proportions. It’s not about establishing symmetry per se – because that is only perceived as beautiful in some cases. With harmonious proportions and subtle individual details, I can underscore and support the natural beauty of my patients. Because what could be more beautiful than a natural charisma?

Tamara Kraner is a visagist and hairdresser from Munich, who was born and raised in Slovenia. She began her education with famous visagist Horst Kirchberger and became his right hand soon after. During the ten years she worked with the...

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