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For big magic on a little stage – AXEL GROSS c/o YES WE PROMPT produces moving images with AI & 3D for the AXIS lighting system from ERCO 

Axel GROSS c/o YES WE PROMPT makes quite a splash for the AXIS showcase lighting made by the company ERCO, a leading international specialist in sustainable architectural lighting with LED technology.

Only the best light is good enough for unique exhibits. With Axis, ERCO is setting new standards in terms of lighting quality for display case lighting. Reproduce colors without distortion, highlight special details and set impressive accents. Axis shines light on precious exhibits – for big magic on a small stage.

Axel Gross : “New project: AI and mixed media – concept and art direction in cooperation with Stefan Kropp, who also did the great editing and MoGraph. Technically, this video contains 16K LOD AI images, 2.5D AI animations and matching 3D product integration. Quite a ride; 1001 thanks to ERCO for courageously trusting me that this would work out as planned!”

Axel Groß is an art director, architect and designer specialized in AI and photographic imaging. He was trained in Architecture at University of Hannover and TU Delft, post-graduated in Production Design and Scenography for Film at HFF Munich. He worked in architecture and lighting design for OMA, Pfarré Licht and Schweger + Partner, further as a freelance computer graphic designer for clients such as Autodesk, ERCO, MetaDesign, NVIDIA, and Thonet, resulting in 20+ years of professional expertise in design, art direction and CG media production.
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featured by GoSee ADVERTISING : ‘Every Voice Counts’ – OPEN SOURCE campaign with peaceful revolutionaries created with AI by RABAN RUDDIGKEIT c/o YES WE PROMPT for the BERLINER ZEITUNG

The BERLINER ZEITUNG newspaper stands for a diversity of voices, opinions and perspectives. To celebrate the 34th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, BERLINER ZEITUNG has launched a campaign to raise awareness for their OPEN SOURCE platform, which can be used by anyone to upload interesting texts.

Berlin-based designer RABAN RUDDIGKEIT created the motifs for it with the aid of AI. They depict several peaceful revolutionaries of the past century with alarmed facial expressions: Mahatma Gandhi, Václav Havel, Bärbel Bohley, Martin Luther King, Jitzchak Rabin and Lech Wałęsa.

It kicked off with a cover for the weekend edition of BERLINER ZEITUNG on 4 and 5 November, 2023, followed by three further double pages in the journal. Page three informed readers about the content of the campaign and how OPEN SOURCE works.

“Whatever happened to the spirit of the peaceful revolution which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, 1989, and which had previously carried the protests and changes in Eastern Europe? How might the civil rights and peace activists who always advocated for nonviolent civil disobedience look upon our day and age?”

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‘How is AI changing work in the picture world?’ Claudia Bußjäger from YES WE PROMPT in a PAGE MAG Special

In May, Claudia Bußjaeger founded the agency YES WE PROMPT for AI artists in Berlin. For 34 years, the producer and art buyer has been working in advertising. From the very beginning, she was fascinated by how fast and with what energy AI is evolving, and particularly with regard to images. What she liked about the name Yes we prompt was that it means standing behind what you do. “This affirmative statement is catchy,” says Claudia. 

Appearing in PAGE is a big special about the agency and the question “How is AI changing work in the picture world?”. The cover is by Mieke Haase, Creative Director and CEO of the agency loved, also represented by YES WE PROMPT.

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